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Sixteen heavy-duty machines and many firsts from Plasser & Theurer

Sixteen heavy-duty machines and many firsts from Plasser & Theurer

Plasser & Theurer has chosen the motto of "Quality cuts costs" for the three main themes of its presentation at this year’s iaf. The 16 heavy-duty machines from its current production programme, including a number of world premieres, numerous smaller exhibits and audio-visual presentations provide a good overview of the company’s capabilities.

The URM 700 is the first machine ever to be able to clean the ballast under points and crossings without needing to dismantle them. An implement shaped a bit like a sword is swung in from the side and continuously extracts the ballast and directs it into the cleaning unit, whereby the width of ballast removed is infinitely adjustable. No preparatory work is necessary before inserting the sword. In addition, the URM 700 can also be used for cleaning the ballast shoulders and is excellently suited for the economic processing of fairly short sections of track where only short closure times are possible (sometimes known as "spot cleaning"). Initial practical tests have already been successfully completed.

The ZRM 350 can clean ballast very flexibly with or without the presence of rails. The rail/road concept (with railway running gear plus caterpillar tracks for running along the subgrade) constitutes an economic approach to processing both plain track and switches and crossings. The machine is also equipped for feeding fresh ballast and for building up the ballast a layer at a time. It is also possible to adjust the width of ballast removal and to insert a geotextile.

As far as tamping machines are concerned, Plasser & Theurer is presenting two new technologies with which it is possible to keep tamp- ing continuously through switches and crossings too. The premium programme for switches and crossings is provided by the Unimat 09- 475/4S N-Dynamic, the all-in-one machine for both plain track and switches and crossings. For the first time, all the jobs needing to be performed for the continuous processing of ballast in switches and crossings have been integrated in a single machine: application of ballast, ploughing, profiling, tamping, stabilising and sweeping. Along with the second new development in this field, the Unimat 09-4x4/4S, a continuous single-sleeper tamping machine with three-point lifting and four-rail tamping, this whole series of universal tamping machines is now characterised by a new, user-friendly control of the whole machine. Plasser & Theurer is another of those companies for which the Chinese market is growing in importance all the time. So an HRM 2004 ballast-cleaning machine with two eccentric screens is going to be on display in Münster. This is a new power class for China, and up to twelve units are intended to be built locally incorporating parts delivered from Linz.

The APT 1500 R high-performance welding robot for flash-butt welding is already known, but what is new is its installation on a rail/road vehicle. Under the name of “APT 1500 RL”, the rail/road vehicle can be more flexibly deployed than a railonly vehicle. The third main theme is the range of services offered for everything to do with the machines: the world- wide service network, ultra-modern training facilities, like the new mobile tamping simulator, 09-3D (on display as a world premiere and for the first time combining training and simulation of the real work in the front section of a tamping machine), new optimised spare parts, such as the new hard-metal tamping tine and further developments of Plasser & Theurer’s user-friendly machine controls. The company is also going to be presenting its latest projects and results from its research and testing department as well as the latest developments and quality standards regarding the production of its machines.
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