""Track Tec is a leading supplier of track superstructure materials.""

The main elements in our product range are from our own production. We are a European company with strong Polish roots. About half of all track sleepers and every second turnout in the Polish rail network come from Track Tec Group plants. With its decades of experience and consistent innovation, Track Tec supplies top-quality products. We verify our standards with numerous approvals, certificates and references. Our corporate objective is providing allround satisfaction for our customers.

We produce in our concrete plants prestressed concrete sleepers and other concrete elements for all relevant European rail systems. Our turnout factory, operating according to international standards, manufactures switches and crossings of all types for railways, industry and light rail transportation. We run two impregnation plants for the production of ready-to-install wooden sleepers and poles capable of meeting international demand.

We combine our production with integrated and consistent logistics capabilities to deliver products from one supplier to many countries in Europe and other continents in line with market parameters.